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Our Mission & Vision

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'Serving those who serve others'

Providing spiritual care to our law enforcement first responders.

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By raising awareness of the need to provide spiritual care to law enforcement first responders.

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To develop a network of volunteer chaplains to accomplish this task locally and in other communities.

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Volunteer chaplains to do the mission in their own agencies.

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others"

- 1 Peter 4:10

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Who is Kevin Kappler?

As a native of southern Missouri, Kevin has served for the past several years in various pastoral roles within the local church including youth, worship and music, associate and Senior Pastor with some background experience in the field of mental health. A songwriter and vocalist, he has written and recorded several of his own songs and completed several solo recording projects. With several years of police chaplaincy experience fueling a passion to provide spiritual care for law enforcement and first responders, he completed the Mineral Area College Law Enforcement Academy program in 2020 where he received practical and academic skills to earn his degree in Criminal Justice and Missouri POST certification. Kevin now serves as a US Missionary to Law Enforcement first responders through the mission of Chaplaincy and continues to serve as Chaplain for the Farmington City PD and St Francois County Ambulance District. He and his wife Sharon have two sons Kris and Kraig.

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What Do I Do?

I am a US Missionary Chaplain to Law Enforcement with the purpose of ‘Serving Those Who Serve Others’. Our local law enforcement and first responders give their lives serving and protecting their community everyday. But who serves them? Many communities or agencies are simply unable to fund a chaplaincy program for their first responders. As a result, this vital role is commonly fulfilled through local Pastors or individuals who have the heart and see the need to provide spiritual care for this specific group of over 800,000 in the US.
Being a 2020 graduate of The Mineral Area Law Enforcement Academy Park Hills MO and a US Missions Chaplain enables me the unique opportunity to come alongside our local law enforcement and first responders in the Farmington Missouri area to assist them in not only a professional but also personal capacity in the area of spiritual and mental health. But, what if we don’t stop there. How powerful would it be if we could encourage this among other communities by being an available resource, by recruiting potential chaplains, and by equipping them with not only Spiritual but Practical tools for the mission! Seeing others dedicate themselves to their unique culture demonstrates God’s genuine value for them and their profession.

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Why Is This Important?

There are more than 800,000 full-time law enforcement personnel in the US. The suicide rate among them is four times the felony rate and double the rate of suicides among the general population.
At this time, there are no FULL TIME US Missionaries through the Assemblies of God to this group. Never has the time been when the need is so great! Support accompanied with action for our law enforcement first responders is vital to their overall well being and the people they serve.

How Can You Support This Mission?

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Prayer is an effective and powerful tool! (James 5:16) Thank you for praying for me and this mission.

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Without your generosity, I am unable to fulfill this mission. Thank you for you support!

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